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Camilla Sparksss

Lullabies Album (2023) - Animated Vinyl Set

Lullabies Album (2023) - Animated Vinyl Set

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1. My Way My Love
2. The Imaginary You
3. Watch Me
4. Hanging Around
5. Temper Temper Mother Nature
6. Ode To Those Who Can Touch Their Toes
7. Six Is A Lot
8. What A Day

The Album

Camilla Sparksss Lullabies, an audio-visual album is a collection of eight bedtime stories for adults consisting of two 12inch animated vinyl and a magic mirror designed by the artist. By placing the mirror on top of the record the animations spin to life at 45RPM.

The Story

It took ages to finish this album. It all started at a moment when day-to-day rituals crashed. Right then it felt natural to part from the usual coldwave noise compositions, and write Lullabies. The stories are very simple, spoken words, entirely composed on mellotron with a few endless grooves. An ode to spark the inner child. In an era of digital overload this album had to be purely analogue; physical and authentic.
An album that people could experience in a natural environment, without having to look at a screen. Joseph Plateau’s phenakistoscope was the perfect visual universe for this. So with the help or my friend and designer Giulio Parini we began designing a mirror that could be placed on top of the spinning picture discs. It took months to determine a frame rate for 45RPM to draw and re-draw the animations. Then, it took years to design a model that could be assembled at home and fit in a vinyl cover.
Twenty-three prototypes to be exact. By the end, I think we both regret having set off on this adventure. It’s not a genre of music or illustrative technique that I’m likely to develop in the future. It’s simply an experiment I needed to look into. And with this approach, I feel like a weirdly fascinating universe quietly came to exist. One that we all travel to at night when our consciousness leaves for the day, and finally, the child is left home alone to draw on the walls merrily.

Album Credits

Written by Camilla Sparksss
Produced by Aris Bassetti and Camilla Sparksss
Mixed by Jeff Knowler
Mastered at Eleven Mastering

Animated Vinyl and Magic Mirror Credits

Concept and Illustrations by Camilla Sparksss
Mirror Design by Giulio Parini and Camilla Sparksss

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