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My Way My Love - Single (2023) - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

My Way My Love - Single (2023) - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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My Way My Love is the picture of a moment in life. With all of its joy, sadness and absurdity. It’s about existing and vanishing, being present while not being there at all. A complex story told in all simplicity.

It is the first single taken from the upcoming Camilla Sparksss Lullabies audiovisual album to be released November 24th for On The Camper Records.

Written by Camilla Sparksss
Produced by Aris Bassetti and Camilla Saprksss
Mixed by Jeff Knowler
Mastered at Eleven Mastering

Written by Camilla Sparksss
Starring Serena Cangiano, Camilla Sparksss, Laïla Von Alvensleben
Set design by Giacomo Jaegli
Photography and Camera by Giacomo Jaegli and Mariangela Marletta

Available on 2LP Animated Vinyl / CD / Digital

© On The Camper records / Camilla Sparksss 2023

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