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Peter Kernel

Perseverance: 15 Years of Peter Kernel + bonus item (2020)

Perseverance: 15 Years of Peter Kernel + bonus item (2020)

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Released December 18, 2020

Perseverance: persistence in doing something despite difficulty and delay in achieving success. Our secret weapon since 2005.

"Perseverance" is not an album. It is the behind the scene musical history of the band. With all the good and bad decisions. It is a collection of tracks that throughout the years haven’t found their place on official albums, but in one way or another have shaped us and brought us to be here today doing what we love to do. These ideas are like us: imperfect, bad, good, funny, sad, incomplete, boring, too much, not enough, full of flaws. Human.


1. Liebe (instrumental demo) 02:39
2. ‘Gusto (live version with “He’s A Heartattack” lyrics) 04:03
3. Leaving For The Moon (Instrumental alternate demo) 01:51
4. Combining Fire With Water (unreleased song) 02:38
5. Remarkable Encounters (instrumental song written for the movie “Il Nido” by Klaudia Reynicke) 01:39
6. Ecstasy feat. Zeno Gabaglio (unreleased alternate version) 03:16
7. Happy To See You (early instrumental version) 03:11
8. There’s Nothing Like You (first demo) 01:43
9. Moah (instrumental demo) 02:00
10. Leaving For The Moon (first demo) 04:10
11. What Are We Looking For (released only on the compilation
“A Tribute To Elysium") 03:00

12. Asia (Instrumental acoustic demo) 02:12
13. Fiesta (written for the movie “Il Nido” by Klaudia Reynicke) 02:45
14. Flies Die (early instrumental version) 03:35
15. We Are Sorry We Died (released as video in occasion
of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I) 03:25

16. Take A Run To The Hell (intrumental demo) 01:16
17. Anthem Of Hearts (first demo) 02:36
18. I’m So Happy To Go (unreleased song) 02:40
19. On Tuesday I Polish My Uncle (bonus track on “How To Perform
A Funeral” LP version) 02:22

20. There’s Nothing Like You (Peter Kernel & Their Wicked Orchestra version -
First private live show - alternate lyrics) 05:47

21. Men Of The Women (first impro demo) 05:01
22. Kanada (released on side B of “There’s Nothing Like You” 7" vinyl) 03:25
23. Rituals (unreleased instrumental song) 02:58
24. Re (Unreleased song taken from the recording sessions of
“White Death Black Heart”) 03:12

All songs, ideas, demos and intentions were made by Barbara Lehnhoff and Aris Bassetti. We are what we are and we do what we do thanks to the precious help of our friends and collaborators: Miriam Avelli, Matteo Bagutti, Andy Baker, Giacomo Bastianelli, Shondel Bervini, Andrea Cajelli, Niccolò Castelli, Miguel Constantino, Andrea De Bernardi, Julien Fernandez, Martina Frei, Kety Fusco, Zeno Gabaglio, Fabio Giangrande, John Golden, Martina Jacoma, Jeff Knowler, Pierre Lechien, Claudio Lucchini, Luca Martegani, Ema Matis, Julie Odeurs, Clement Papin, Sebastiano Piattini, Hannes Prisi, Gregoire Quartier, Stefano Roncoroni, Yuri Ruspini, Marco Sessa, , Boris Tarpini, Sacha Tilotta and Augusto Torriani.

Thanks a lot to Bernie (Eleven Mastering) for the patience he had to master all these sounds.

Artwork by Peter Kernel.

© On The Camper Records OR036LP
© Hummus Records HUMM094

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