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Peter Kernel

Peter Kernel & Their Wicked Orchestra (2017) - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Peter Kernel & Their Wicked Orchestra (2017) - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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Special edition 12” Vinyl


1. Panico! Still In Love 03:42
2. In Ecstasy 03:46
3. Again, We're Not Gonna Be The Same Again 04:29
4. Supernatural Emperors 04:06
5. Higher Fever 05:08
6. Dear Friend 06:00

A few words..
Since the release of our last album Thrill Addict in 2015 we had the pleasure to explore the world around us and experience amazing encounters with marvellous people. When we finally decided to slow down and take some time at home to work on a new album we began composing as always with drums, guitar and bass. But we quickly found ourselves inviting friends and playmates to join us at the rehearsal room. Just to play. And discover the thrill of fooling around. That’s how the Wicked Orchestra started.

At the moment we are silently working on our new album (we’ll have a new single very soon). But meanwhile we will release a special edition LP with five pre-released songs plus one new track rearranged with our Wicked friends on cello, viola, harmonium, piano and harp. We feel we need to share this thrilling experience as something special to keep all hearts open to new perspectives and to keep us curious while writing the new album.

Peter Kernel & Their Wicked Orchestra was recorded and mixed by Peter Kernel in loving memory of Andrea Cajelli. Mastered by Luca Martegani. Album cover photo by Miguel Constantino.

Peter Kernel & Their Wicked Orchestra are: Barbara Lehnhoff, Aris Bassetti, Zeno Gabaglio, Kety Fusco, Martina Jacoma and Boris Tarpini.

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