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Peter Kernel

Drum to Death (2023) - 12" Vinyl

Drum to Death (2023) - 12" Vinyl

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“Drum To Death” is a collection of 11 experiments by Peter Kernel and their favourite drummers. 

Released 8th December for On The Camper Records.


1. Eeoo feat. Tam Bor
2. Shhh feat. Simone Aubert (Hyperculte)
3. Bravo feat. Kevin Shea
4. Amen feat. Bernard Trontin (The Young Gods)
5. Ciao feat. Ema Matis
6. Sdeng feat. Julian Sartorius
7. Boo feat. Hugo Panzer
8. Mhh feat. Simon Berz
11. Wow feat. Cosmic Neman (Zombie Zombie)
9. Bzzz feat. Beatrice Graf
10. Pouf feat. Domi Chansorn

Throughout 2020-2023 Peter Kernel invited eleven of their most esteemed drummers to send them rhythms with which they composed these eleven tracks. Each song was written and dedicated to the inherent drummer as an ode of appreciation to the beat creator. These eleven songs come together as a unique collection of an odd collaboration based on appreciation for different styles and people, a microworld made of different feelings, patterns, colours, intentions and attitudes.

The album features collaborations with Bernard Trontin (The Young Gods), Cosmic Neman (Zombie Zombie), Beatrice Graf, Domi Chansorn, Ema Matis, Tam Bor, Hugo Panzer, Julian Sartorius, Kevin Shea (Storm & Stress, Lydia Lunch), Simon Berz, Simone Aubert (Hyperculte, Massicot).


All songs written by Peter Kernel (Barbara Lehnhoff and Aris Bassetti). With the participation of Giacomo Bastianelli (Tam Bor), Simone Aubert (Hyperculte), Kevin Shea, Bernard Trontin (The Young Gods), Ema Matis, Julian Sartorius, Hugo Panzer, Simon Berz, Beatrice Graf, Domi Chansorn and Cosmic Neman (Zombie Zombie). Mixed by Raffaele Stefani.

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