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Peter Kernel

The Ticket (2009)

The Ticket (2009)

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Released April 1, 2009

1. Ronco can't save Lorelei 05:50
2. 'Gusto (Dance to this) 03:49
3. Frit Zo 04:30
4. Africa (free) 03:54
5. The Ticket 01:39

"The Ticket" is a five track limited edition EP released on
10'' vinyl by Peter Kernel in March 2009. A treasure that marks
a moment between the past album "How to Perform a Funeral"
and the future album to come.
It breaks through time; dividing two periods. Like the two sides
of the vinyl. Side A presents a story of the past; the debut album,
the concerts, the kilometers, the people and the places,
while side B looks ahead with renovated motivation in a world crisis
that makes you take a moment to reflect.
It's this difficult, global situation that makes us reconsider
humanity's footsteps. If we were to go back, before computers,
before, when things weren't going so well but were tangible.
When things existed. Peter Kernel decide to create "The Ticket".
A ticket to something, to go somewhere, to change.
A ticket that represents awareness and anticipates change.
A ticket built with foundations from the past.

In December 2008 Peter Kernel go back to the Sauna Recording Studio
in Varano Borghi (Italy) to record five live tracks. The next step is
the decision to NOT mention any sort of website on the packaging
of the vinyl, to not distribute the vinyl, and to not promote it (reviews etc.).
You either have it or you don't. At this point the important thing is
to not be left indifferent.

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